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Free Software

  • Copyright Extensions threaten Free Software in Europe (3/December/2001) - An essay about the risks that legislation like EUCD and DMCA present to Free Software.
  • Mitos sobre OpenSource (11/March/2001) - an article on 5 myths related to Free Software (in portuguese).
  • Napster: O fim do software livre ? (20/August/2000) - An essay whose main point was that the end of copyright law would mean the end of Free Software because, legally, Free Software depends on copyright law. Today it's obvious for me that whitout copyright law we wouldn't have proprietary software, and that's the main failure of reasoning in this text (in portuguese).
  • Introdução ao Linux e ao Software Livre(31/December/1998) - An introduction to Linux and Free Software (in portuguese).


  • Linux: The end of the Personal Computer (22/Julho/1999) - Essay on the advantage of a multi-user system for a home desktop computer versus the single-user solution that Microsoft offered at the time.


  • Final Project of a troopleader training course (in portuguese). The plan for a Easter camping trip using the "Ancient Greece" theme.


  • DMCA e EUCD: Copyright vs Comunidade (26/November/2001) - A description of the implication of copyright extension laws like the american Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the European Union Copyright Directive (in portuguese).
  • Unified Resource Modelling: Integrating knowledge into business processes - paper for the ICEIS 2001 conference.