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And who is Joćo ? Some say he is an intelligent guy, a computer genius, a modest guy (as you had already figured out), shy and idealist. He is also crazy, smiling, and has both feet on the ground (I never said his thoughts weren't on the moon). If you want to contact this strange and unique being the e-mail is joao@silvaneves.org.

Joćo's vision of life tends to be non-standard, while not completly weird. For an example here goes a little text on the purpose of life:

Humanity is composed by around 5 billion organisms whose diversity allows for its survival. This is obviously a big picture. The scarriest part about this is that, no matter what each one of us does, the impact over the over humanity will be little to none. Obviously, this is the comodist perspective, the one adopted by those who adopted "it's not worth it" as a life motto.
But there are others that, in this vision, find their freedom. Under this perspective, our ability to decide and choose is only limited by our will. Our ability to act, and the freedom to exercise it, is only limited by what we like and our ethics. And you, what do you want to do ?